I usually tend to work with social concerns, popular culture, memory and literature. I always try to find a way to create intervention between the artwork/myself and the spectator. My urge to address political issues is rather strong. I like being playful and I enjoy irony. My main area of practice is making interactive sculptures/installations, but within the recent years I have been doing public interventions as well. Graphic design and video/photography is my financial provider along with my main focus on visual arts. I like to try, fail and of course eventually succeed. I rely on research within the area where I create my work around. I enjoy collaboration, and I respect collective consciousness largely. Next to my work as a solo artist, I like to challenge the meaning of artistic credit by working with others and to use the collective mind, and to merge inside of it. I believe we live in an age of collective ideas, movements and interchanging definitions of the norms.

Here is a PDF version of my curriculum vitae