A selection of some efforts I have made in making comic strip, children illustration, making illustrated scenes, caricature and continual series


Here is a selection of the characters and etudes I have made for different projects and reasons through the years


Writing down or sketching ideas and concepts are two unbreakable habits of an artist. I have had the change to collect and record my concepts and drawings to maybe use them for the future. As for some of them, I had the chance to mix or turn them to another mediums and forms of art. […]


Zaztima is an offhand title for a type of my illustrations which are based on improvisational drawing and have been started since 2003 as I was graduating from art school, until now. Zaztima sketches analyze very personal and sensitive issues as they mostly are drawn or in a state of improvisation. I have a bilingual book of Zaztima sketches and my poems coming-up soon […]

Photo & illustration

These images are simple experiments of mixture of photography with illustration


Bilbilack was a group experiment with the collaboration of four illustrator artists including: Pooya Abbasian, Farshid Monfared, Shahab Tonar and me. In this experiment we published a number of 500 button badges and distributed them among our friends and fellow students at the time. The badges were all sold out and all that is left […]


Through years 2002-05, I have worked as an illustrator for children books for some publications