Keep it to/in yourself

Date: 25 August 2012 Location: Utrecht central station Photos from a footage by: Fraser Stewart I stood beside the entrance of a public toilet in Utrecht central station which is a very busy station since Utrecht is a city situated in the center of The Netherlands. I had with me a handful of 2 Euro […]

Sell me a joke – Episode 2

After my first attempt on this project on February 2012, I decided to continue this project from a different angle. This time instead of approaching people for asking for jokes, I sat in some crowded locations in Utrecht central station on March 2012 with a box with me saying “Will pay you 20 cents for listening […]

Sell me a joke – Episode 1

This project’s aim is to have an experiment on public intervention with regards to humor and economy as a tool to trade humanity. In the first effort in Arnhem Central Station on February 2012, I tried to buy some jokes from busy people at the station for 20 cents each. I called people for conversation […]

Be & don’t be project, Episode 1

Do and Don’t project is a series of urban interventions I am working on with my cousin and dear friend, Amirali Garousian who is a skilled sculptor and an artist. In this series we are working with the idea of using slogans to tell people what to do and what not to do, while we […]

Drop it inside the box

This project was planned to be performed in different locations and in different countries and in different times, performed by different artists. I started it in Tehran and for some technical difficulties I received no results. Here’s the second performance in 31, Dec, 2011, the last day of year 2011 in Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Again, […]