EARTHEN PROVERBS / ضرب المثل‌های خاکی

  Extending a project that started in 2011 with the series ‘Waterlogged Proverbs / ضرب المثل‌های آبدار ’ I started the making of a new series titled ‘Earthen Proverbs / ضرب المثل‌های خاکی ‘. In a twenty years-long plan, the series are planned to also explore the other two elements of life, wind and fire. […]

“Welcome – Not Welcome” at Schmall Gallery

  Following an invitation from Schmall Gallery I made a work using the gallery which has been exhibited with an opening on April 11th 2014 on Sint Jansstraat at the heart of Amsterdam city center. The text from the work: “In my opinion there are three layers, stages or areas of personal space for each individual. The […]

Stages to the Conscious Longing

Stages of memory that we carry along, evolve and form our present points of view and our judgments. Memories pass through the filter of time, and the important and heavier ones remain, while the light ones get forgotten, or at least stay aside from the main picture. Our consciousness relies on those memories most of […]

Curator’s dream / nightmare

“Curator’s dream / nightmare 1” is a paper origami made out of a 21 by 21 centimeter white squared piece of paper.  The presented design is a crane bird, and was made based on an old Japanese design named “Orizuru 折鶴“. Presented piece has once been performed by the artist, and then unfolded and sent […]

What Are They Doing?

What Are They Doing? Glass, wood, smartphone, speaker, microphone, fan, cables and converters 160x40x50 cm Two pieces 2013 As a part of a three-year long collaboration between Van Abbemuseum and Dutch Art Institute me among nine other artists from the Dutch Art Institute have been working with the museum on the idea of “useful art” during […]

In Search for Life

“In Search for Life” is a proposal for an interactive urban sculpture, selected and exhibited in “Third Urban Space Sculpture Biennial of Tehran” in 2013. Referring to collective experiences and common images in the minds of Tehran citizens, taken from the city in which they live in and are a part of, the work tries to create a […]

The Enemy

2012 50x50x50cm Acrylic glass, print on film   The work consists of a 50x50x50 cm Acrylic glass cube with prints on lithography films on the inner sides of the walls of the cube, and a smaller cube with a size of 20x20x20 cm inside with no image on it’s walls. The inner floor of the […]

Holy Defense Museum

On June 2010 I started working for Kanoon Informatic corporation as the head of the sculpting team, to build a life-size model of the city of Khoramshahr after bombardment during the war, as a hyper-realistic artwork for the Museum of Defense. Next year in May 2011 I went back to the museum, but this time as a […]


Making sculptures is a joyful habit of mine. I always try to have a sculpture project on my hands whenever I have the chance and when I feel my self in a stable state. I have experienced different techniques and methods of making sculptures as I studied a Bachelor in sculpture, but I mostly enjoy […]

Waterlogged Proverbs / ضرب‌المثل‌های آبدار

About the project The artworks The exhibition Reviews   Proverbs are important as they are very practical in Persian language; a language for people who try to use metaphor in their speech and behaviour most of the times. This set of works contains seven installations with interactive and non-interactive sculptures, which try to use the element […]