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EARTHEN PROVERBS / ضرب المثل‌های خاکی

  Extending a project that started in 2011 with the series ‘Waterlogged Proverbs / ضرب المثل‌های آبدار ’ I started the making of a new series titled ‘Earthen Proverbs / ضرب المثل‌های خاکی ‘. In a twenty years-long plan, the series are planned to also explore the other two elements of life, wind and fire. […]

The Green Portal

Spring 2015 Tehran

A Third Pill

Special thanks to: Ahmad Zolfagharian, Slavoj Žižek Winter 2016

Open Source Government

      Open Source Government is a collective project that tries to make it possible for the citizens and the members of a society to be able to take part in legislation of their society, directly through open-sourcing the legislation. The project invites thinkers, artists, programmers, developers, social scientists, political scientists, financial professionals, lawyers […]

Visual Daily

I can call myself an active artist, only if I make at least one artwork a day     Started in May 2014 Ongoing project Project page:


Photographs as mementos of things that made me pause for a moment wandering around the city of Den Haag (The Hague) Started in March 2014 Ongoing project DenHaagology website: DenHaagology Facebook Page:


In early 2014, and following an invitation by GEMAK in The Hague, I was appointed as the co-curator to develop a project together with Marie-Jeanne De Rooij, that later was named LOCUS. Locus focuses on artists of the Iranian post-revolution baby-boom generation and the impact of ‘locus’ (place) on their artistic practice. The exhibition was […]

“Welcome – Not Welcome” at Schmall Gallery

  Following an invitation from Schmall Gallery I made a work using the gallery which has been exhibited with an opening on April 11th 2014 on Sint Jansstraat at the heart of Amsterdam city center. The text from the work: “In my opinion there are three layers, stages or areas of personal space for each individual. The […]

Expatartoboard at Stroom Den Haag

Between March 14th and April 14th 2014 I have been invited to interact with the Opzicht wall in Stroom Den Haag. I made a platform with ten questions and invited people to interact with the work by sticking answers to my questions, linked by strings in order to gather information about how to survive and […]

Life is not that painfully fast series

A series of short movies titled “Life is not That Painfully Fast” Ongoing project   Life is not that painfully fast, No. 9 December 2015   Life is not that painfully fast, No. 8 January 2015   Life is not that painfully fast, No. 7 September 2013   Life is not that painfully fast, No. 6 September 2014   […]

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