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Stages to the Conscious Longing

Stages of memory that we carry along, evolve and form our present points of view and our judgments. Memories pass through the filter of time, and the important and heavier ones remain, while the light ones get forgotten, or at least stay aside from the main picture. Our consciousness relies on those memories most of […]

Curator’s dream / nightmare

“Curator’s dream / nightmare 1” is a paper origami made out of a 21 by 21 centimeter white squared piece of paper.  The presented design is a crane bird, and was made based on an old Japanese design named “Orizuru 折鶴“. Presented piece has once been performed by the artist, and then unfolded and sent […]

What Are They Doing?

What Are They Doing? Glass, wood, smartphone, speaker, microphone, fan, cables and converters 160x40x50 cm Two pieces 2013 As a part of a three-year long collaboration between Van Abbemuseum and Dutch Art Institute me among nine other artists from the Dutch Art Institute have been working with the museum on the idea of “useful art” during […]

In Search for Life

“In Search for Life” is a proposal for an interactive urban sculpture, selected and exhibited in “Third Urban Space Sculpture Biennial of Tehran” in 2013. Referring to collective experiences and common images in the minds of Tehran citizens, taken from the city in which they live in and are a part of, the work tries to create a […]

The Enemy

2012 50x50x50cm Acrylic glass, print on film   The work consists of a 50x50x50 cm Acrylic glass cube with prints on lithography films on the inner sides of the walls of the cube, and a smaller cube with a size of 20x20x20 cm inside with no image on it’s walls. The inner floor of the […]

Performance / presentation | Dutch Art Institute | February 2013

Performance / presentation in Dutch Art Institute on 19 February 2013

Keep it to/in yourself

Date: 25 August 2012 Location: Utrecht central station Photos from a footage by: Fraser Stewart I stood beside the entrance of a public toilet in Utrecht central station which is a very busy station since Utrecht is a city situated in the center of The Netherlands. I had with me a handful of 2 Euro […]

Doubt in presence of a colored baby chick

This short movie has been recorded long ago in spring of 2005. After some 7 years, I finally have had the chance to capture the tapes and edit the movie and make it ready. In this movie I have tried to simply take the viewer with me and put them in a point of view where […]

Sell me a joke – Episode 2

After my first attempt on this project on February 2012, I decided to continue this project from a different angle. This time instead of approaching people for asking for jokes, I sat in some crowded locations in Utrecht central station on March 2012 with a box with me saying “Will pay you 20 cents for listening […]

Sell me a joke – Episode 1

This project’s aim is to have an experiment on public intervention with regards to humor and economy as a tool to trade humanity. In the first effort in Arnhem Central Station on February 2012, I tried to buy some jokes from busy people at the station for 20 cents each. I called people for conversation […]

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