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Performance / presentation | Dutch Art Institute | 20 June 2012

My performance presentation in Dutch Art Institute on 20 June 2012 You can listen to the reviews here

Be & don’t be project, Episode 1

Do and Don’t project is a series of urban interventions I am working on with my cousin and dear friend, Amirali Garousian who is a skilled sculptor and an artist. In this series we are working with the idea of using slogans to tell people what to do and what not to do, while we […]

The Delicate Line

(This is an ongoing project) “a project for reviewing the past” Images are one of the best, or maybe the most popular mediums for reviewing memories. Photograph and photography have always been helpful to the forgetting memory of human. Images age as their owners age. As the image gets older, reviewing it will be more […]

Drop it inside the box

This project was planned to be performed in different locations and in different countries and in different times, performed by different artists. I started it in Tehran and for some technical difficulties I received no results. Here’s the second performance in 31, Dec, 2011, the last day of year 2011 in Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Again, […]

A selection of Iranian contemporary sculpting procedure

Curated by Pendar Nabipour Fravahr Gallery November 2011 Following an invitation by Amir Mobed to co-curate an exhibition for Fravahr Gallery, with a focus of showing a general image of the whole contemporary sculpting scene in Iran, throughout three different generations of sculptors, I joined the project. However, later on, Amir had to leave the project. So I […]

Waterlogged Proverbs / ضرب‌المثل‌های آبدار

About the project The artworks The exhibition Reviews   Proverbs are important as they are very practical in Persian language; a language for people who try to use metaphor in their speech and behaviour most of the times. This set of works contains seven installations with interactive and non-interactive sculptures, which try to use the element […]

The Art-o-Pourt Project

“Art-o-Pourt” is the title for a group project/platform with a goal of presenting projects raised up from collective mind, directed towards today society’s concerns.  The project started in April 2011 and is still ongoing. Although there has been a long pause since late 2012, the project is gathering the potential to continue. This project is […]

My politician friends

Coffee break shots from an iMac screen at work with my SonnyEricsson vivaz pro cell-phone/camera

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