EARTHEN PROVERBS / ضرب المثل‌های خاکی


Extending a project that started in 2011 with the series ‘Waterlogged Proverbs / ضرب المثل‌های آبدار ’ I started the making of a new series titled ‘Earthen Proverbs / ضرب المثل‌های خاکی ‘. In a twenty years-long plan, the series are planned to also explore the other two elements of life, wind and fire. These sculptures/installations are usually interactive and they are based on Persian proverbs, as the most effective short forms of everyday linguistic packages that can interpret situations. Proverbs are highly appreciated in Persian language and I have come to realize that they can also act as international cultural coded sentences.

The series Earthen Proverbs started with a shift in the ‘Life’ project’s form and its interaction scheme. In 2016 I was preparing to participate in Prospects & Concepts 2017 exhibition, where I exhibited the first of the series titled ‘Turned earthen, whoever lived on this earth / خاک شد آنکس که بر این خاک زیست ‘. The sculpture is an expandable installation that can rise up to twelve meters in height and at least five meters in diameter. The interaction investigates the notions of life, death and self-realization, and forces the participant to experience modesty by kneeling or bending down in order to be able to see the image on the screen which is facing down and is showing the image of the participant’s bottom through a camera installed behind the see-through mirror on top of the installation.