Expatartoboard at Stroom Den Haag

Between March 14th and April 14th 2014 I have been invited to interact with the Opzicht wall in Stroom Den Haag. I made a platform with ten questions and invited people to interact with the work by sticking answers to my questions, linked by strings in order to gather information about how to survive and work as an expat artist coming from the Middle-East.

Stroom describes the Opzicht project as follows: OpZicht is a presentation space in the lobby of Stroom Den Haag for newly registered artists from The Hague. The wall unit functions as a stand or platform where the artist can share his or her work, passion or interest with the audience. Each presentation will run for approximately 6 weeks.
You can find a link to the Stroom Den Haag page here


The text from the work:

“For the past two and a half years, I have been dealing with many questions as an artist coming from Iran. My experience in the art scene of The Netherlands has put me through unique experiences, pressures and of course good opportunities. It also gave chance to the emergence of new forms of practice for me.

Being an expatriate is not always easy, and being an artist does not make it easier. However, it opens up space for dialogue between the local art scene and the external member, the expat artist in this case.

Through these kinds of dialogues, sometimes interesting aspects occur that are worth investigating and can have an impact on both sides of the dialogue. My attempt in this case leads to an interactive work titled Expatartobaoard that is the starting point of a bigger project titled Expatartology. The project consists of different methods of data gathering in order to answer some collective questions about expat artists and their role in the art scene, specifically in The Netherlands.

You are invited to participate in this work, please read the instructions on the wall.

In September 2014 there will be an exhibition in GEMAK in The Hague with the main title Locus that focuses on Iranian young artists who have left the country in different years during the past two decades. The theme of the exhibition is related to both local issues from Iran, and the artists’ interactions with their new location. Most of the artists are based in The Netherlands. As the co-curator of this show, I am trying to collect and analyze as much information as I can in order to help execute this show. My collaboration with GEMAK, and this board that you are observing here in Stroom Den Haag, helps me in many ways to develop Expatartology and ways to read and analyze the issue.”

Link to the large image of the whole Expatartoboard can be found here