Ideology Meets Implementation

13 Oct. 2017 Opening night Ideology Meets Implementation W139. Warmoesstraat 139, Amsterdam

Between 13 October to 9 November 2017 in W139 in Amsterdam, I, together with an international group of artists, held an exhibition titled “Ideology Meets Implementation”. I took the concept idea of exhibition “Ideology Meets Implementation” to W139 in early 2016, suggesting to hold an exhibition with works around the idea of showing examples of confrontation between systems and the way they implement themselves, and the ideologies on which they are based, through an artistic point of view. Later when the group was formed, we developed the idea further together with the artists of the group.

Artists: Mojtaba Amini, Vasily Bogatov, Ehsan Fardjadinia, Barbad Golshiri, Yoeri Guepin, Joseph Hughes, Mehregan Kazemi, Dimitra Kondylatou, Taisiya Krugovykh, David Maroto, Pendar Nabipour, Mojtaba Tabatabaie, belit sağ, Dorine van Meel

During the exhibition 14 public events were held at the exhibition, which turned the exhibition into a stage for dialog, debate, and unfolding discussion. An approximate number of 5000 people visited the exhibition.

Here is some information about our public events, and how they unfolded:

  • During the whole exhibition, from 14th October until 19th of October Ehsan Fardjadniya togetherwith three other people lived in the exhibition space as part of the “Non-Fascist House”. They first lived for two weeks in the apartment space and the studio in the back in W139, but then after tearing down the exhibition design from the ceiling, they managed to live in the exhibition space for three weeks. Their belonging and their beds and clothes were stationed at their beds made out of boxes from the performance.
  • Every Sunday we had an introduction by a curator, to a screening program which would be played on loop for the rest of the week. First screening selection was made by Vasily Bogatov and Taisiya Krugovykh titled “Russian Activism and Prison System”. Second one was made by Sophie Hoyle, “LGBTQI+ in West-South Asia & North Africa”. Third one by Amirali Ghassemi, “Monument in Flux”, fourth by belit sag titled “How to Talk about WE”, and the last one was made through an open call, in combination of invitations to Robert Glas and Seecum Cheung. Six artists’ videos were selected to be screened for the last week next to the invited guest videos.
  • On three Thursdays, 2nd, 9th and 16th November, we organized public reading on 2nd November titled “Public Reading Group: Muslim Feminist Perspectives” moderated by Alina Jabbari. On 9th there was going to be a public dialogue moderated by Mercedes Zandwijken, “Deconstruction of White Privilege & United Non-Racial Movement”, but it was cancelled due to Mercedes’ flu. And finally, on 16th November was a conversation circle, “Decolonizing the Globalized Dutch Art Institution”, moderated by Katayoun Arian.
  • On Saturdays we had either a performance episode from “Round Heads and Pointed Heads” performance by Ehsan Fardjadniya and his team of performers, or we had other programs such as “Open Source Government” public session moderated by Pendar Nabipour, or “Empathy” game tournament moderated by David Maroto.
  • During the second scene of Fardjadniya’s performance on 4th of November, he combined the performance with a debate inviting Quinsy Gario to moderate the debate, with the participation of Angela Bartholomew and Menno Grootveld to discuss “Contemporary Subversive Insurgency”.
  • Randomly throughout the exhibition we had occasional and spontaneous performances by the residents of the Non-Fascist House, other artists involved in the production of this exhibition, or student groups visiting the exhibition. One example is Veniamin Kazachenko and Sander Uitdehaag making Borscht soup for two times, and we would give them out for free to passerby people. Another one is the group visit of students from Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, and their performance at the exhibition together with the Non-Fascist House. Not to mention, there were other group student visits made to this exhibition, in which they did receive an introduction to the exhibition.

Ideology Meets Implementation was a great experience which elaborated on many issues of the day, on which we should be all concerned about and involved with. Many issues from the Dutch society, the art scene, and global issues such as discrimination, de-colonization, and systematic oppression were discussed, and the outcome of these talks are of much value to whoever did attend the events.



1- Maryam Ashrāfi. (banner photo)
2- Maryam Ashrāfi
3- Maryam Ashrāfi
4- Maryam Ashrāfi
5- Chun-han Chiang
6- Maryam Ashrāfi
7- Dimitra Kondylatou
8- Maryam Ashrāfi
9- Chun-han Chiang
10- Chun-han Chiang
11- Chun-han Chiang
12- Maryam Ashrāfi
13- Chun-han Chiang
14- Maryam Ashrāfi
15- Chun-han Chiang
16- Maryam Ashrāfi
17- Maryam Ashrāfi
18- Chun-han Chiang
19- Chun-han Chiang
20- Pendar Nabipour
21-25- Pendar Nabipour
26 – Pendar Nabipour
27- Ehsan Fardjadniya
28-33- Chun-han Chiang
34- Unknown
35- Pendar Nabipour
36- Chun-han Chiang
37- Chun-han Chiang
38- Pendar Nabipour
39-45- Chun-han Chiang
46-60- Pendar Nabipour