For almost a year I have been part of the project LOCUS in Vrije Academie Gemak as a co-curator, in order to create an exhibition around the idea of being an expatriate Iranian artist, with a focus on the generation of post-revolutionary Iran, and what these artists can reflect upon their statuses. You are more than welcome to visit the result of this project on 3rd of October in Gemak, The Hague. Looking forward to see you at the opening.

Poster design by Reza Abedini

Poster design by Reza Abedini

“While the Iranian art scene has been seeking more and more interactions with the global art scene during the recent decade, many Iranian artists have fled home to collect experiences outside of the local boundaries. This situation provides a good opportunity for a two way dialogue between the expat artist and the hosting country, and also a chance for the Iranian artists to narrate their stories, exploring new territory in new ways.” (Pendar Nabipour)

Op vrijdag 3 oktober 2014 wordt in GEMAK om 17uur de tentoonstelling LOCUS, Upcoming Iranian Artists Abroad, geopend door Joobin Bekhrad, de oprichter en hoofdredacteur van het online-magazine REORIENT (
GEMAK heeft de tentoonstelling in samenwerking met beeldend kunstenaar en upcoming curator, Pendar Nabipour (Teheran, 1985) gemaakt. LOCUS focust op kunstenaars van de Iraanse post-revolutie baby-boom generatie (2/3 van de totale Iraanse bevolking) en de impact van ‘locus’ (plek) op hun kunstenaarschap.

The exhibition LOCUS, Upcoming Iranian Artists Abroad, will be opened on Friday 3 October 2014 by Joobin Bekhrad, founder and editor of the online magazine REORIENT– Middle Eastern Arts and Culture Magazine (
GEMAK developed the exhibition together with visual artist and upcoming curator, Pendar Nabipour (Tehran, 1985). Locus focuses on artists of the Iranian post-revolution baby-boom generation (2/3 of the Iranian population) and the impact of ‘locus’ (place) on their artistic practise.

Kunstenaars/artists: Siamak Anvari, Ehsan Behmanesh, Ehsan Fardjadniya / Pirate Cinema, (with special thanks to: Philip Gladek, Martin Boverhof & Bas Klompmaker), Farhad Fozouni, Pendar Nabipour, Arefeh Riahi, Celia Eslamieh Shomal, Amir Tirandaz, Hamed Yousefi, Joubin Zargarbashi, Mehregan Kazemi, Reza Abedini (graphic design)

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